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Turning Our Vision

Into Reality

Now is the time for bold and assertive leadership.  Nebraska is at a critical moment. I know that the future looks and feels deeply uncertain, especially with our divisive and polarizing political climate.  However, it is exactly in moments like this we must be resilient and have a bold vision such as Innovate Nebraska 3.0 (I3).  I3  seeks to encourage job growth by giving small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs the tools they need to expand.  This plan creates good jobs, reduces poverty, strengthens our educational systems, gives families the security of health care, and preserves our communities for the next generation.


 Over the last 30 years there have been countless plans for North Omaha—Omaha 20/20, North Omaha Dream, North Omaha Development Project, Village Zone, North Omaha Revitalization Plan, North Omaha Transformation Plan, North Omaha Redevelopment Plan, North Omaha Master Plan, Omaha 2000 and many more.  With every family, the number of nonprofits have also continued to grow. In North Omaha specifically, the number of nonprofits has tripled over the last thirty years. Yet, as the name of the plans have changed and nonprofits have increased, the socio-economic conditions have not improved. In fact, we are entering 2020 much the same way we entered the previous six decades—as an improvised and neglected community.  


The great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.” In short, as long as we continue to respond to our socio-economic situation in the same old manner, we should expect to receive the same old results.  North Omaha has never addressed our core issue—lack of economic opportunity. I3  seeks to change that. While the implementation will be challenging, the philosophy is simple; local jobs, build great communities, which generate income, that strengthens our State.     


I3 is the roadmap by which I will integrate my campaign promises into Nebraska’s  legislative agenda. It a courageous vision that builds on conversations we have had across our District, Omaha, and Nebraska.  From speaking to constituents, I have learned that in order to build a Nebraska that works for all, we must insure that everyone has access to good paying jobs, safe and healthy neighborhoods, and to high quality education.  We also know that residents who are physically, emotionally, and financially secure, are more connected to their communities and less likely to become offenders or victims of crime.  


We know that change does not happen overnight and there is no single strategy or program that will solve every issue.  We also know that innovative ideas, cannot be implemented without commitment to change and unwavering persistence. I have consistently proven that I am a leader who can take an idea from start to finish. I have also shown you that I am willing to work across the isle as long as the result moves Nebraska from Good to Great. As your representative in the legislature, I am ready to implement I3  and move us forward. Like the Phoenix, I believe it is time for us to rise up out of the ashes and create New Nebraska --Semper Nebraska. 


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